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We've changed our phone number!

(720) 633-2423

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Cats and Critters Pet Sitting specializes in caring for your cats and exotics pets including those with special needs. We can take great care of all of your exotic pets whether they are furry, feathered, or scaly. We have extensive experience in husbandry and handling of exotic animals.

Having many years of experience in the veterinary field also allows us to care for your pets who have medical needs. For example, some of our clients are diabetic, requiring daily insulin injections or have renal disease and need subcutaneous fluids. Let us provide that extra TLC while you are away.

Why don't we offer services for dogs?

At Cats & Critters we feel that dogs need a little more attention. This can either be provided by a boarding facility or by a pet sitter that comes to stay in your home while you are away. Unfortunately, we do not currently provide these services due to availability. We also want to focus on providing services for pet owners who have a more difficult time finding someone experienced enough to provide care for exotic pets and cats and exotics with medical needs. We do hope to add services for dogs in the future as our business grows. Thank you for considering us for your pet care needs.